photo: Toni Catany

Antonio Hervás Amezcua, born in Jaén in 1951, lives in Gavà (Barcelona) since 1966. Graduated in Procedures Murals by Llotja Arts Applied School in Barcelona in 1980. Painting lawyer by the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Jordi of Barcelona in 1982. Professor of Drawing. Studies of Engraving in the studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Jordi.
He makes his first exhibition in 1972 and since then it has been possible to contemplate his works in Spain and part of the foreigner: The United States, Iceland, Brazil, Finland, Israel, Germany... In 1989 he exposes in the Ashkenazy Gallery, being invited by his holder, Arnold Ashkenazy, to reside in California where he had the opportunity to paint the works that happened
to comprise of Ashkenazy's private collection (Los Angeles, U.S.A.).

photo: Santiago Quesada
Hervás teaching Painting Process in Cervantes School, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 1997

In 1990 the Cultural Institute Israel-Ibero-America Jerusalem invites him to make a exhibition in the House of the Artists of Jerusalem. From 1993 to 1995 Hervás Amezcua spends long seasons in Iceland residing in the House of the Artists.
Fruit of the work made during these stays are the samples presented in the Gallery Portid de Hafnarfirdi and the List Gallery in Reykjavik (Iceland) with sponsorship of the consul of Spain in Iceland.

In 1997 he is invited by the Cervantes Institute of the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil where he develops different activities: conferences, exhibitions and courses.
In 1999 he receives the order of the European Archaeological Park of Reinheim-Bliesbruck for the Celtic exhibition "In the mirror of the princess" (Germany).

In Spain he has exposed profusely either in individual and collective form, but it is specially in Catalonia where his works have been seen in a more frequent way, from the beginnings of his professional trajectory: Sitges, Barcelona, Girona, Viladecans, Sabadell, Castelldefels...
Hervás Amezcua's works can be found, among other places, in the Museum of Albacete, Zabaleta Museum (Quesada, Jaén), Museu de Poreres (Palma de Mallorca), National Bank of Iceland (Reikjavik), Cervantes Institute (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Ministry of Outer Subjects of Israel (Jerusalem), Museum of Akureyri (Iceland) and in the Museum of Barcelona Football Club.

In addition to the museums and art galleries, it is possible to enjoy his works in
Francesc Macià Squareof Gavà (Barcelona), a mosaic mural with bronze sculptures; in Santa Ana (Albacete), where he made a fountain - sculpture in bronze; and in Viladecans (Barcelona), in whose Modolell Boulevard is to be found the bronze sculpture "Tribute to the Peasants".

To know in depth the artistic trajectory Antonio Hervás you can read the following books:
Antonio Hervás Amezcua (Arnau Puig, Àmbit Serveis Editorials, Barcelona, 1993)
Antonio Hervás Amezcua: Obras 1993-1998 (AA.VV., Ediciones Carena, Barcelona, 1998)
Sobre el papel. Obras de Antonio Hervás 1972-2002 (José Luis Atienza, March Editor, 2003)

Rogelio López

Translation: Cristina Cobo