Presentació de la carpeta La respiració de les plantes, amb gravats de Luisa García-Muro, Paloma González, Hervás Amezcua i poemes de Carles Duarte.

L'acte tindrá lloc dimarts 20 d'octubre a les 18:30 hores, a la Sala 52 de la Col·lecció d'Art Modern del Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (Parc de Montjuïc), Barcelona

Perspectiva de un viaje. Aquarels

Antonio Hervás Amezcua

FHA (Gavà, Barcelona)

[1/12/19 :: 10/01/20]

La realidad y el deseo

15th november 2019 - 10th january 2020, Centro Cultural MVA, Málaga (Spain)

colective exhibition inspired by Luis Cernuda's poems

El amigo, Hervás' sculpture based in the poem The friend >


Galería Ágora 3, Sitges (Barcelona, Spain). 16th february - 3th march 2019

Online review in Bonart
< Sitges al anochecer (engraving)

La memoria de la luz | The memory of the light

November-december 2018

A retrospective selection of the works included in the book Pintaré siempre, toda la vida

Fundación Hervás Amezcua para las Artes (Gavà, Barcelona, Spain)
< Pecio (2002)

Castellví de Rosanes (1976) Delta del Ebro (1980) Dunas (1992)


Tempers. Inauguration november 19th 2017

Fundación Hervás Amezcua para las Artes, Gavà (Barcelona)

Alba del vespre. Obra gráfica

Fundación Hervás Amezcua para las Artes, Gavà (Barcelona)

April 2016, 5th-30th

Ángeles Agrela
Luis Berges Roldán
Antonio Blanca
Paco Carrillo
Francisco Carrillo Rodríguez
Víctor Ceprián
Gaspar Cortés Zarrías
José Cózar
Agustín Cruz León
Antonio Hervás Amezcua
Francisco Huete
Natividad Jiménez
Manuel Kayser Zapata
Juan Martínez
Juan Moral
José Olivares
David Padilla
Inca Quesada
José F. Ríos
José Rodríguez Gabucio
Nicolás Sánchez Cubillo
Miguel Scheroff
Miguel Viribay
Santiago Ydáñez
Desde Jaén 25 miradas

Exposición de obras del fondo de la Universidad de Jaén

3 de febrero al 19 de marzo de 2015

Sala de Exposiciones del Edificio Zabaleta,
Campus de Las Lagunillas, Universidad de Jaén

Per les aigües del Delta

Exhibition at Josep Soler Vidal Library (Gavà, Barcelona)

Inauguration friday 12th december 2014 with the participation of Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, major of Gavà; Carles Duarte i Montserrat, poet and president of the Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts and Antonio Hervás Amezcua, president of the Fundació

Until 31th january 2015

"The feeling of death in art"

conference by Antonio Hervás

September the 22th, 7:30 PM. Fundació Suñol. Pº de Gracia 98, Barcelona (Spain)

Associació Dret a morir dignament Catalunya (DMD - CAT)

V Fira del Trepat

Antonio Hervás will be joining the fira del Trepat June 28 and 29th (Barberà de la Conca, Tarragona)

Alba de la noche

Exhibition of the works appearing in Carlos Duarte's book.

Inauguration May 13th at the Andrés Segovia Foundation (Linares, Jaén, Spain) at 7:00 p.m.

From May 13th till June 15th. Organized by the University of Jaén

The book Alba del vespre, originally written in català, has won the Critic National Prize as best poetry work in catalá published in 2013

Fields of light. The paths in La Conca

exhibition at Museu de la vida rural de L'Espluga de Francolí (Tarragona, Spain)

january 24th - march 30th 2014

Carles Duarte, director of Carulla Foundation with the artist The painter Concha Ibáñez and Carles Duarte
Press links:
Revista Bonart
Departament de Cultura (Generalitat de Catalunya)
Galería Flickr del Museu de la vida rural

Jewels and little sculptures

Exhibition at Museu de la vida rural en La Espluga de Froncolí (Tarragona, Spain)

5-28th april 2013

Vincle. Arts, arrels, pagesia

paintings and sculptures within the exhibition Pagesos y vilatans. Viladecans al segle XIX

Museu de Viladecans y Ajuntament de Viladecans
Sala de exposiciones de la Torre del Baró. Festa Major d'estiu
c/ Ángel Guimerá 2 Viladecans (Barcelona, Spain)

september 8th 2012 - march 31th 2013

to see the catalog click here

The perception of Art

final session of the course organized by the University of Jaén.

Carles Duarte
Dialogue between artistic languages
February 19, 2013

Antonio Hervás
Assimilation of the artwork: confrontation between the artist and the public
February 20, 2013

Arnau Puig
Art and empathy
February 21, 2013

The session will take place at 17:00 am at the headquarters of the Foundation Cesáreo Rodriguez Aguilera. Campus Las Lagunillas s/n n, B2 Building 1st floor, Jaén (Spain)

Mirar la figura
painting and drawings

inauguración sábado 25 de febrero a las 18:30 horas. El acto sera presentado por el poeta Carles Duarte

Del 25 de febrero al 31 de marzo de 2012

Fundación Hervás Amezcua, Rambla Pompeu Fabra 132 Gavà (Barcelona)

writing party
Res non Verba (Maragall, 7 Barcelona) presentation of the book Sobre el papel, by José Luis Atienza and Antonio Hervás

Lleida (Spain) 11-14th february 2012


Collective exhibition. Paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramics and poetry

Inauguration december 13 6:30 p.m.

Josep Soler Vidal Library (Gavà, Barcelona - Spain)

Donation of a painting
University of Jaén (Spain) november 11th, 2011

Quadern de viatge
aquarelles and drawings

Exhibition in FHA, Gavá (Barcelona)

Septembre 16th - October 30th 2011

Camins del mar

Tinglado 4 del Moll de Costa del Port de Tarragona

January 28th - March 7th 2011

Photographs of the inauguration. Below: Antonio Hervás with the Culture Councillor of the City Hall of Tarragona and the Port Authoriry president.

El cel, un mirall

Inauguration friday 17th december 2010

Fundación Hervás Amezcua para las Artes, Gavá (Barcelona, Spain)

Seas and oceans
collective exhibition in homage to the painter Fausto Olivares

October 2nd - 30th, 2010

Inauguration Saturday 2nd at 7 p.m.
The act will be hosted by the poet Carles Duarte i Montserrat
Live music by Nono Gallardo

Fundación Hervás Amezcua para las Artes. Rambla Pompeu Fabra 132, Gavá (Barcelona, Spain)


Opening-reunion with the works that have gone through the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, l'Alfolí de L'Escala (Girona), the Museum of Rural Life (Espluga de Francolí) and the Castle of Peñíscola (Castellón).

Inauguration Wednesday June 9th, 2010 at 7 p.m. with live music by pianist Xavi Pardo.

Fundación Hervás Amezcua para las Artes. Rambla Pompeu Fabra 132, Gavà (Barcelona).

Presentation of platelet Empùries

Carles Duarte poems and works of Antonio Hervás
Friday April 23th at 7 p.m., 2010
With poetry readings in Catalan, Spanish and German

Presentation of the book Ens mou la llum

by Antonio Hervás and Carles Duarte. Edited by Editorial Pages

Saturday May 8th at 7 p.m., 2010

Gothic hall of the castle of Peñíscola (Castellón).

Exhibition "Vestigis." Egg tempera. From day 6 to May 28, 2010.

Fresco painting workshop taught by Antonio Hervás and aimed at professionals and advanced amateur painting. Can Japot (Alt Empordà, Girona) Date: the last two weekends in May 2010 (22 -23 and 29-30). 20 hours spread over four days.
The combined price of two weekend is 300 euros.
The number of places is limited to 10 students. Accreditation assistance.

The fresco is the most important technique for mural painting. The surface is prepared with a base of lime and sand, which absorbs the natural pigment and protects it with a layer of calcium carbonate, giving a razor-sharp color and long life to work. The course goal is to introduce the technique both theoretically and practically.

The theme applied to support building function, location, size, light ...
Application of the mortar in layers Conducting the painting technique on a rolling basis

Egg tempera workshop Roses

March 20 and 21st, 2010
AnimART, Escola-taller d'art i animació
Plaça de la Victoria catalana 7-9 Roses (Alt Empordà)


Creative process: art work
by Antonio Hervás Amezcua

January 27th, 2010 at 19:00
Chamber I of the Museum of Fine Arts, Jaén
Paseo de la Estación No. 27

Bronze. Lost wax casting, 1997
Hervás is adapted to the possibilities offered by the various arts, so it's not like his painting, his work carved or engraved. His paintings take us into a lyrical world, a haven of peace, hidden caves and seas to explore. His sculpture has a more rugged, as befits a three-dimensional art. The artist adapts well to the strength or delicacy of the materials. Hervás sculptures juxtapose different elements into an allegory. "Tránsito" brings together various reasons of artistic tradition: an olive branch, a male and one female legs classical roots, born of the branches and little feet. Everything under legendary wings (Hermes, the messenger of the gods?) and a skull (a frequent cause of baroque reflection on the emptiness of human vanity and transience of life) and a golden ball as a metaphor of the world. The combination of human and plant forms suggests a metamorphosis, as a new Daphne, nymph of classical mythology transformed into a laurel to escape Apollo.
In 2003 this sculpture entered the collections of the Museum as a gift of the artist, along with a picture, "Nautilus", also from 1997, which can be seen at this time, temporarily, in the Hall of Fine Arts. The influence of American nature and the Amazon jungle, with which he had come into contact during their trip that year to Brazil, are reflected in it. "Nautilus" open eye as a window to the underwater world, full of algae and illuminated in a special way. As a muralist, Hervás has made several works that can be seen in Gava, Albacete, Viladecans, but also in Jaén, where outdoor stands elmural marble mosaic of the parish of El Salvador (also his bronze bas reliefs in the interior of this church).

A. Hervás Amezcua, “Sin Título”, óleo sobre tela, 62,5x62,5 cm

Presentation of the books

Ens mou la llum
Vesteix la mirada
author: Carles Duarte i Montserrat

The event will be hosted by Josep Miquel Garcia, art critic; Carles Duarte, author; Antonio Hervás, painter; Josep Porta Ballespí, president of Res Non Verba, and Lluís Pagès, director of Pagès Editors.

December Monday 21st 2009 at 7:00 p.m. Res Non Verba, 17 Maragall St., Lleida (Catalunya, Spain).

A. Hervás Amezcua, “Sin Título”, óleo sobre tela, 62,5x62,5 cm

Presentation and reading of the book
Nos mueve la luz/Ens mou la llum

authors: Carles Duarte & Antonio Hervás
Novembre Tuesday
3th 2009 at 7:30 p.m.

Cesáreo Rodríguez-Aguilera Room
1st floor Building B-2, Library of the University of Jaén (Spain)

Exhibition of paintings, sculpture and printmaking at the Museum of Rural Life of Francolí l'Espluga (Tarragona, Spain).

Opening on Saturday October 10th, 2009 at 12:00 pm. The event will be attended by the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, José Montilla i Aguilera. Until March 7, 2010.

The exhibition is framed in the act of reopening of the Museum of Rural Life after its enlargement.
From left to right: Joan M. Tresserras, conseller de cultura; A. Hervás, Joaquin Llena, conseller d'agricultura and Carles Duarte, director of Lluis Carulla Foundation
Tempera made on lids of barrels of wine, which belonged to the Museum collection

Exhibition Camins del mar

Included in the program of the Portal Blau festival, to be held during the month of August at L'Escala (Costa Brava, Girona, Spain).

From Saturday 1st to August 31st, 2009. It will take place in the building L'Alfolí de la Sal.

The works are altarpieces and large-format bronze sculptures from the exhibition Les Sorres X plus two new works.

Presentation of the book 'Ens mou la llum'
Carlos Duarte's poems and Antonio Hervás' engravings. Edited by Pagès Editors

The event will be hosted by Jordi Julià, a professor at the UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)

Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc. 42 Mercaders Str., Barcelona
May 12th, 2009 at 7:30 p.m.

Individual exhibition at the Museu Marítim (Barcelona, Spain)
Seal. The amphorae from the sunken vessel were marked with the seal that the law meant for maritime trade
Address: Avda. de les Drassanes s/n, 08001 Barcelona
Tel.: 933 429 920
November 27th 2008 - February 8th, 2009
From monday to sunday, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

The exhibition is about the wreck found in digging the canal at rowing Castelldefels, built for the 1992 Olympics, in the archeological site called Sorres X.
This boat is a lute on the season between the delta area of the Llobregat and the Languedoc. At the time of sinking was carrying a few jars of clay containing salted fish, with the possible fate of some port of the barony d'Eramprunyà.

The artist presents a series of temples on large-format wooden, painted with egg tempera, illuminated with gold leaf and silver and polished with agate stone.

The series of poems that Carles Duarte has thought and written for the occasion rounded off this show, which will remain open until January 10, 2009
Sorres Carena
Sorres Carena

IV exhibition of artwork donated to the National Library (1998-2002)

We find the work Anthropos, donated by the artist in 1999.

From June 19th to August 17th, 2008. National Library, 20 P-fifth at Recoletos, Madrid.

L'art que es viu
Talk by Antonio Hervás at the Escola de la Dona, c/ Sant Per Més Baix, 7 (Barcelona, Spain)

May 8th, 2008, 4.30 PM
Moderated by José Luis Atienza

Frankfurt Book Fair 2007
Exhibition at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany). Presentation of the book of poems The silence of Carles Duarte i Montserrat, illustrated with paintings by Antonio Hervás. The German publisher Buchholz began its work with this book, in Catalan as original version and translated into Spanish, French and German.
Below: presentation of the book Die Stille (The Silence) in the Proa Library in Barcelona on January 15th, 2008
From left to right: Carles Duarte, Antonio Hervás, Waltraud Lindemann and Dieter Buchhholz

Tribute to Antonio Muñoz Molina
Exhibition of sculpture and engraving at the University of Jaen, Andalucia, Spain. Opening on Monday, October 29th, 2007, coinciding with the act of appointment of Doctor Honoris Causa by the Rector of the University

From left to right: Plenilunio I, Plenilunio II and El Jinete Polaco

From left to right: En Ausencia de Blanca and Beltenebros. Below: monotype series of Windows in Manhattan
Below, the opening moments. The author with writers Antonio Muñoz Molina and Elvira Lindo
Photo: newspaper El Ideal de Granada

IX International Symposium of artists in Austria, in June 2007
Held at Castle Burg Strechau
Overview of the castle and presentation of artists in the inauguration (June 23th, 2007)
Antonio Hervás in the workshop engraving

Dialogues with Chillida

Antonio Hervás' conference about Chillida's work at Museu de Gavà, in the setting of the exhibition Chillida Codis

March Saturday 24th, 6 p.m.

Painting the spring
Performance of public participation, organized by the City Council of Barcelona and the asociation Amics del Castell. Every one that wants can 'paint' with flowers an Antonio Hervás' design. It will be located in the central patio of the castle

Castle of Montjuïc, Barcelona, March 25th, 11 a.m.