:: First design and mural for the church El Salvador (Jaén, Spain) ::
Above: Hespérides. 1989-90. Mural, oil on linen. Roquet Collection (Girona, Spain)
Francesc Macià Square, Gavà (Barcelona) Detail of "trencadís"

In the Francesc Macià Square in Gavà, we are shown the surroundings of the village: the sea, the mountains... The narrow loops of the mosaic are the abstraction of the narrow shapes of the scenery. The blooded red and the skied blue are the main colours of this picture.
Moreover, there are some sculptures made of bronze, which make a contrast between the mosaic and the colours.

In fact, the main objective of this work is the integration of all the elements owing to the transformation of the diversity into a unity.
Indeed, the Square is a like a plant plenty of sculptures - fruits which are a prolongation of the nature that surrounds us.

Nùria Badell i Vidal

photo: Anna Torbau photo: Pere Marrugat